ALPE 9/10 Missing Nordic Field Trip

You have either missed the bus due to being late or failed to get your field trip form in and complete.  As a result you will complete this assignment.  Answer the following questions in complete sentences.
1.  What is nordic skiing?  Explain thoroughly.
2.  Where did nordic skiing originate and when?
3.  What are the different disciplines and explain the events that might be found at the Olympics or world championships.  Explain each each event, a chart is fine for this question.  Don't forget biathalon and ski jumping and combined events.
4.  What is the history of nordic skiing including ski jumping in Revelstoke?

Please include a list of references in MLA style.
Please get yourself in order to nordic ski in January!

Missing Field Trip to Peak Axe Throwing

As you either don't have your permission slip signed, you are late or you are missing our field trip to Peak Axe throwing you are expected to complete the following assignment.  Axe throwing is part of logger sports and people participate in logger sports on many continents.

Your assignment is to research logger sports, the history behind it, the various events and venues.  Logger sports not only has a rich history in Canada but also in Revelstoke.  Create a pamphlet that includes the history, the different events, what the events are and look like (picture or description) and who the current Canadian champion for that particular event is.  Include a section on communities in BC that host logger sports including dates.  Also a section of where else in the world one can participate in logger sports.  Finally if you were going to volunteer or participate in logger sports in Revelstoke what would you do, who would you contact and how can you get involved.

Please note the Canadian Lo…

Active Living 9/10 - Missing Field Trip to RMR assignment

You either have not brought your field trip form or are missing our field trip to RMR.  Here is your assignment:

Research the following and create a hand out(s)/pamphlet or another format that suits you that includes the following aspects:

 #1 - a unique title and illustration/picture, your name, and your teacher's name

 #2 - a persuasive paragraph encouraging exercise, fitness, or an active lifestyle.  Why physical activity & fitness is important?

 #3 - a definition for health related Physical Fitness and the five fitness components

 #4 - the benefits of exercise

 #5 - the FITT principle

 #6 - Prescription for aerobic and muscular endurance using the FITT principle....take the components of physical fitness and apply the FITT principle.

-You will need to show your notes and research and include a list of references/citations/bibliography in APA format.  Sometimes videos are helpful in learning, ensure you add those to your list of references.

September Superfit Calendar

September Superfit Calendar
Monday  After school Tuesday  Before school Wednesday After school Thursday Before school (Sept 10) HIIT (11) O-Lifting technique workshop (12)  O-Lifting technique workshop (13) Running technique workshop (heart rate & training zones will also be covered) (17) HIIT (18) Cardio (19) Barbell (20) Yoga & Recovery (24) Yoga & Recovery (25) Cardio (26) Cardio  (Rowing Workshop) (27) O-Lifting technique workshop
Before School= 7:15-8:15 After School = 3:30-4:30 Meet outside fitness room unless otherwise posted 

Active Living 9/10 Course Outline